Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find frequently asked questions about our products and services. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, our customer service will be happy to help you.

Information Systems

Are your notice boards available with interior lighting?

Many models can be ordered with LED or fluorescent tube lighting.

Which type of glass is installed in the notice boards?

In about 98% of our notice boards we use ESG safety glass.

Are your notice boards available in other colours?

Yes, many of our products can be powder-coated according to customer requirements.

Can identical locks be installed in the notice boards?

For larger orders, identical locking systems can be installed.

Is compatible mounting material for the notice boards included?

Compatible mounting material is included for wall or stand mounting.

Bicycle Parking Systems

How many modules does a bicycle rack with six parking spaces have?

The bike rack consists of two modules with three positions each which are connected to each other.

Do you have bicycle parking systems for wider or thinner tires?

Yes, there are special parking systems in our product range. Pendulum straps always fit!

Is it possible to connect two bicycle racks with an odd number of parking spaces?

Due to the high/low configuration of the brackets, a connection is not possible. It is possible to order the stands in a row configuration, though.

Is the necessary material for floor mounting included?

Because there are different mounting options, the mounting material has to be ordered separately. Models with ADFC certification are an exception.

What are the differences between normal models and XBF variants?

XBF models are certified by the ADFC and have, for example, a wheel distance of 500 mm instead of 350 mm.

Shelter Systems

Is there a requirement for how much space is needed per person in a smoker shelter?

There is no regulation for this. We recommend 1 m² per person, though.

Are customisations possible?

Many shelter systems can be customised regarding their basic colour and the screen printing of the glass.

Can a shelter system be installed on uneven ground?

Yes, for example by using different post lengths. Although precise terrain data is required for this.

Does the erection of a shelter require a building permit?

This depends on the intended use. We recommend submitting a general building request to the authorities.

Are foundations necessary or is bolting onto asphalt/pavement possible?

Yes, foundations are necessary.


Mobile Room Systems

Is there any electrical equipment available for the units?

In principle, the customer can choose the electrical equipment in his room. Possible equipment includes but is not limited to air conditioning, ventilator, electric convectors, sockets and EDP boxes.

Is a foundation necessary?

In outdoor areas, a foundation is always required.

Is it possible to extend the units later?

An extension is easily possible.

How does the transport work?

Our room systems are already assembled on delivery or can be assembled in several, finished units on site.

What dimensions are possible for mobile room systems?

In general, we produce in grids of 1000 mm or 500 mm. Special sizes are possible, though.