Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find frequently asked questions about our products and services. If you do not find a suitable answer, our customer service will be happy to assist you.

Information Systems

Is there interior lighting for the display cases?

Many models can be ordered with LED lighting or fluorescent lighting.

What kind of glass is used in the showcases?

ESG safety glass is used in 98% of the showcases.

Are showcases also available in other colors?

Yes, many showcases can be powder coated according to customers' requirements.

Can identical locks be installed in the showcases?

From a higher order quantity, identical lock systems can also be used.

Are the display cases accompanied by the appropriate mounting materials?

Suitable mounting material is included for wall or stand mounting.

Bicycle parking systems

How many modules make up a bicycle stand with 6 parking spaces?

These bike racks consist of two modules with 3 parking spaces that are connected together.

Are there bicycle parking systems for wider or skinnier tires?

Yes, there are special bike racks in the range for this purpose. Leaning brackets always fit!

Can two bike racks with 5 parking spaces be connected?

Due to the high / low position of the stirrups, a connection is theoretically not possible. In this case, please order as a "row system".

Is the floor mounting material supplied?

Since there are different mounting options, the mounting material must be ordered in addition (except ADFC-certified models).

How do the XBF models differ from the normal variants?

The XBF models are certified by the ADFC and have, for example, a wheelbase of min. 500 mm instead of 350 mm.

Shelter systems

Is there a requirement for how much space is needed per person in a smoking shelter?

There is no regulation on this. We recommend to calculate with 1m² per person.

Are individualizations possible?

Many canopies can be customized via base color and glass screen printing.

Can a canopy be installed on uneven terrain?

Yes, for example, by using different post lengths. Accurate terrain data is required for this purpose.

Are foundations necessary or can they be doweled onto asphalt/pavement?

Yes, foundations are necessary.

Is a building permit required to erect a canopy?

Depends on the intended use. We recommend submitting a general construction application to the Authority.

Mobile room systems

Is there any electrical equipment in the units?

In principle, the customer can freely dispose of the electrical equipment. (air conditioner, ventilation fan, electric wall convectors, sockets, IT sockets, etc.).

Does a foundation need to be built?

In the outdoor area is always required foundation.

Is a subsequent extension of the units possible?

Expansion is possible without any problems.

How can the transport of the units be handled?

The room systems are delivered ready-assembled or assembled in several, finished units on site.

What dimensions are possible for mobile room systems?

Basically, we manufacture according to a grid of 1000 mm or 500 mm. Special sizes are possible.