Warehouse Specialist (m/f/d)

Our more than 2,100 products want to be stored safely and need to be on their way to our customers quickly when needed.

For people with a sense of order

At WSM, this is possible with modern high-bay warehouses - the workplace of our warehouse specialists. With forms, scales, packaging materials, means of transport and their own physical effort, they ensure that goods receipt and dispatch run smoothly at all times.

To do this, the existing orders must first be checked every morning. First consignments of goods are packed and ready for collection. For deliveries, it's the other way around.

Without order and complete overview no warehouse would work. Therefore, for each operation there are documents that must be carefully read or completed. Do the items match the information on the delivery or shipping document in terms of type, quantity or weight? Our warehouse specialists do not miss even the smallest deviations. In case of discrepancies, they immediately pick up the phone and solve the case.

To get to a particular storage location, the high-bay stacker is often used, and for moving around on the ground, wheeled carts and forklifts. It follows: tackle, count, weigh, wrap, pack and label. At noon, the freight forwarder comes to pick up the shipments ready for dispatch. WSM often delivers larger items such as bus shelters or room systems itself; our specialist warehouse staff help to load the trucks and also operate the truck-mounted cranes. And they make sure that our storage facilities are always clean and tidy. This is because warehouse specialists have a strong sense of order or develop it during their training. Careful and independent work, the willingness to tackle things literally are part of the requirement profile. The acquisition of forklift and crane licenses is just as much a part of the training as thorough instruction in all safety issues.

Those who opt for a two-year apprenticeship as a warehouse specialist are also trained in typical forwarding areas such as planning delivery tours. This specialization can also take place after passing the final examination and requires an additional year of training.

You can see what vocational training looks like in day-to-day business in this short film from BR Alpha.

Required qualification: Secondary school diploma

Duration of training: 2 years

Please send your application, preferably in writing, to our training manager Katharina Schenk. We are looking forward to it!

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