W-Room (indoor)

The elegant room system for indoor installation.

This high-quality room system is both flexible and elegant. It integrates into your plans, is easy to move and makes intelligent use of the available space.

The versatile and versatile W model series is characterized by its high-quality materials, elegant design and particularly flexible modular principle. This allows you to create the right space for every requirement, for example as a hall office, control station or recreation room. Mobility is one of the particular strengths of this system, as it can be repositioned easily and quickly if your plans change. In addition, you have the greatest design possibilities with the accessories of the W model series - whether lighting solutions, clean room air conditioning, connection technologies, windows or doors. In addition, the room system can be expanded by an unlimited amount of space and is also available as a double- or three-story construction.

  • Ready-assembled complete solutions are ready for immediate use
  • Crane hook for quick repositioning
  • More safety due to 5 mm thick ESG glazing
  • Available with or without bottom
  • Large range of accessories

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One system, many possibilities

By focusing on the system concept, we can offer you a wide range of product sizes specifically tailored to your individual needs. With us, you have the freedom to choose exactly the size you need and benefit from the optimal balance between functionality and design.

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