GreenPlus: A plus for people and nature

Create real added value for people and nature. Promote your positive and sustainable image in times of climate protection. With the design patent protected green roof system GreenPlus from WSM.

The system is composed of modules that can be easily and safely integrated into the trapezoidal profile of our roofs. The modules consist of special tubs, which are equipped with resistant sedum plants. We supply products equipped with GreenPlus as a complete solution. You can be sure that all constructions meet the highest static requirements.

Benefits of GreenPlus for you, the environment and people

Maintenance of biodiversity

Sedum plants provide new habitat and food for bees, butterflies, beetles, ants and birds.

Insulating effect
The green roof acts as a biological heat shield in summer and a heat reservoir in winter.

Protection of the roof cladding
The foliage absorbs the solar radiation and thus protects the roof surface or increases its service life.

Precipitation water storage
Unsealing gray areas naturally retains stormwater, relieving pressure on the sewer system and minimizing the risk of flooding.

Noise reduction
Substrate and plants increase sound insulation because they do not reflect sound. The road noise and also the railroad or airplane noise are naturally absorbed.

High efficiency
GreenPlus pays off for you because the acquisition costs for the basic construction with higher roof load (70 kg/sqm additional weight) are comparatively very favorable.


Completely from one source, completely green

WSM accompanies your green project from planning to transport. Upon delivery, you will receive the finished system complete with integrated green roof. The roof is already 95 percent covered with the plants for your direct use. And to make sure your project is environmentally sustainable all around, our planting modules are made of recyclable HDPE material and our transport protection is reusable.

Everything thought of!

This is because our products are configured for the use of a green roof and thus provide the right structural conditions.

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