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A visualization on which a shelter is unloaded from a crane

Jul 10 2019

Sales promotion

Reach your goal faster with WSM

The good order situation combined with a shortage of resources, the well-known shortage of skilled workers and bottlenecks in logistics are now factors that severely affect delivery dates in the metal industry.
A package with printed pictograms

Jul 1 2019

Sales promotion

Pictograms for free use

To support visual communication we present an individual pictogram system.

Jun 18 2019

Sales promotion

Fahrradfrühling 2019 as a sales opportunity

The days grow longer, the sun comes out more and people start riding their bicycles again. A great time to advertise bicycle parking systems.
SmartUnit consisting of 10 elements

Apr 24 2019

Sales promotion

Sales media for our SmartUnit

The advantages and benefits of the “SmartUnit” room system are obvious: quick configuration of rooms without specialist knowledge, the low price for individual panels as well as transport and short delivery time within 1-3 weeks.
Bicycle garages in different colours

Jan 31 2019

Sales promotion

Colourful variety

Following the changes to the colouring of our BikeBox 1, we are now able to offer you additional product visualisations.

Jan 7 2019

Sales promotion

Our new online storage

From now on, you can find data sheets, product visualisations, drawings, pictures, videos and more in our new online storage.

Nov 6 2018

Sales promotion

Tender documents for own use

WSM offers over 200 tender texts for participation in tenders.
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