Bicycle lean-to system 6000

Sophisticated Bicycle parking system with front wheel holder and cleverly placed plastic elements to protect the bikes.


Bicycle lean-to system TRACK

Self-standing, robust and inexpensive multiple bicycle leaning system with integrated steel eyelets for theft protection and prepared for row connection.


GALAXY bike lean-to system

Self-standing, space-saving and injury-proof bicycle leaning system with anti-theft device, advertising sign option and prepared for row connection.


Lean-to parker 0500 XBF

Corrosion-protected lean-to parker with functional bracket and stop protection through plastic sheathing and fastening options for lock systems.


Leaning and barrier bracket 9600

Elegant, sturdy construction in technical look with 60 mm wide and 10 mm thick flat steel. For setting in concrete or with base plate for dowelling.


Leaning bracket 9100/9200

Stability and theft protection: the sturdy 9100/9200 lean-to bracket for setting in concrete or dowelling and with optional mounting rails for row installations.