The economical all-purpose roofing

Standardized basic monopitch roof system with weatherproof trapezoidal sheet metal roof in variable sizes, with selectable side walls and extension options. Kit for dowelling.

The "Siegen" model series fulfills many purposes in a particularly economical way. The basic system concentrates on the most important thing: a galvanized steel round tube construction, on which the monopitch roof with a weatherproof trapezoidal sheet metal covering is placed. For the sides are available trapezoidal sheet or polyester. The back side is made of trapezoidal sheet. "Siegen" can be combined with extension units in a variety of ways to create canopies of different shapes and sizes. For weatherproof storage of materials or parking of motor vehicles, bicycles or construction machinery. Kit for self-installation and for dowelling.

  • Entry-level model
  • Hot dip galvanized steel monopitch roof structure
  • Roof lengths and depths variable
  • Side walls made of trapezoidal sheet metal or polyester
  • Basic unit can be extended as required

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One system, many possibilities

By focusing on the system concept, we can offer you a wide range of product sizes specifically tailored to your individual needs. With us, you have the freedom to choose exactly the size you need and benefit from the optimal balance between functionality and design.

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