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Es stehen nun Visualisierungen der BikeBox 1 in verschiedenen, beliebten RAL-Farben zur Verfügung.

A colorful diversity

After the color optimization of our BikeBox 1, more product visualizations are available.

The parking system VeloUp! is rotatably arranged around the pillar of the hexagonal roofing Regensburg, so that up to 16 bicycles can be parked in a space-saving and rain-protected manner and can be parked and unparked from a single position.

A round thing: the new bicycle carousel from WSM

Companies, municipalities and landlords want to offer cyclists safe and comfortable parking spaces. And that in as small an area as possible.

Unsere Fahrradüberdachung „Bamberg“ bekommt in der langen Ausführung (4030 mm) einen zusätzlichen Stützfuß.

Additional stand for our roofing Bamberg

Our bicycle canopy “Bamberg” gets in the long version (4030 mm) an additional support foot. This optimization gives the overall design additional stability and facilitates assembly.

Rund 700 Teilnehmer diskutierten mit Experten aus Politik, Verwaltung und Forschung über eine zeitgemäße Verkehrsinfrastruktur, die mehr Sicherheit insbesondere für die Nahmobilität zu gewährleistet.

AGFS Congress 2019 with new record attendance

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft fußgänger- und fahrradfreundlicher Städte, Gemeinden und Kreise in Nordrhein-Westfalen e. V. (AGFS) (Working Group of Pedestrian- and Bicycle-Friendly Cities, Municipalities and Districts in North Rhine-Westphalia) addressed the topic of road safety at its congress this year, which took place on February 21, parallel to the public bicycle exhibition, at the Messezentrum Essen.

Unter dem Motto „Hauptsache Parken“ befassten sich Politiker und Experten mit einer zentralen Herausforderung der fortschrittlichen Verkehrsplanung.

AGFS Congress 2020: The main thing is parking

Once again, the AGFS (Working Group of Pedestrian- and Bicycle-Friendly Cities, Municipalities and Districts in North Rhine-Westphalia) was pleased with a participation record: More than 700 participants accepted its invitation to the congress in Essen on February 27.

WSM sorgt für die gleichmäßige Ausleuchtung im Schaukasten durch den Einsatz von LED.

Aluminum – light and elegant

Aluminum is a very special material. The light metal is corrosion-resistant, conveys lasting value and is more suitable than almost any other for providing an ideal setting for out-of-home advertising media. With its technical appeal and noble simplicity, it embodies the spirit of our time particularly well. In addition, it is very stable in value…