Beauty that lasts: our roofing cleaning service

Our Shelter systems stand for durability. They defy the whims of nature for years and provide optimal protection for what you hold dear. But what if you could maintain the luster and beauty of your roofing for years to come? With our specialized cleaning service, we turn that "what if" into a shining reality.

As an experienced manufacturer, we know how important regular maintenance is. Therefore, we recommend that you have your roofing professionally cleaned twice a year - in spring and in autumn. This not only ensures impeccable condition, but also extends the service life. Substances such as road salt or agrochemicals can damage the surface, and clogged gutters pose the risk of water damage. With each cleaning, we provide a thorough inspection to ensure that your roofing remains in top condition.

And that's not all: With multiple locations, you benefit twice! You will only be charged for travel to and from the location and we offer attractive mileage rates between locations. More locations means more efficient and cost-effective cleaning for you. Invest in perfection and save time and money.

Cleaning service for roofing

The following services are included in the cleaning package:

  • Cleaning the glass panes
  • Pulling off the discs with water slider
  • Sweeping, removal of leaves, garbage and disposal.
  • Cleaning the steel surfaces
  • Cleaning the drainage channel
  • Checking and reporting damage

Our service provides thorough cleaning for all roofing within mainland Germany - whether newly purchased or already in use. This applies to smoking shelters, bus shelters, shopping cart shelters, bicycle shelters and even models from other manufacturers. A specialized cleaning team with appropriate vehicle guarantees you first-class results.

Your advantages at a glance

  • A comprehensive professional cleaning will make your roofing look like new - your clients, citizens or employees will thank you for it
  • Early detection of damage and regular maintenance will make your roofing even more durable
  • Benefit from per-site billing with attractive tiered pricing for multiple sites
  • The service is also available for products from other manufacturers

For communities

Benefit from graduated prices and from our flat rate per kilometer. The more bus shelters we stop at, the cheaper the price per stop becomes. Keep your community clean.

Einkaufswagenüberdachung und Fahrradstellplätze

For retail

The first impression counts. Show your best side already when your customers pick up a shopping cart under your clean shopping cart canopy.


For companies

Enable an accurate overview of your cost centers through per-site billing. Delight your employees and visitors with clean smoking enclosures or bike storage.