Custom screen printing design: Creative. Individual. Unique.

Here your ideas become reality! To ensure that your individual wishes remain feasible, we have recorded important print specifications for the creation of the data. This makes implementation a breeze. Or even easier: you use the layout service of WSM!

Possibilities in the creation of the data

Design yourself

  • About template and information possible
  • Time and effort
  • Prior knowledge of printing software and print output required

Layout service from WSM

  • No familiarization with software
  • No purchase of expensive professional software
  • Personal contact for your ideas and wishes

Create printable data yourself


Specifications and guidelines must be adhered to when creating print data so that it can be printed correctly later on.

Please keep a safety distance of 20 mm to the edge of the pane and take into account the glass holders in the case of full-surface design.

#1 - file format

Send us a vector graphic file* only. This can be applied without loss to the
desired dimensions and support the display of transparent surfaces. Suitable formats are for example SVG, AI (Adobe Illustrator) and PDF (with vector graphics).

* A vector graphic file is like a digital image, but not a normal photo. Instead of many small pixels, vector graphics consist of mathematical formulas that define lines and shapes. This means that it can be enlarged or reduced without losing quality. Vector graphics are often used for logos and illustrations.

  • Vector graphic file
  • SVG, AI, PDF

#2 - Colors

Printing is done in one color without gradients in the desired solid color. Multi-color prints and prints with gradients are available on request.

  • Solid color, without gradients
  • Multicolor and with gradients on request

#3 - Fonts

In the print file, all fonts must be converted to paths. Otherwise, the printout may be incorrect.

  • Convert fonts to paths

#4 - Fine objects

Be aware that very fine objects in your print data may be distorted or not displayed correctly in the subsequent halftone print.

  • Check very fine objects

Layout service from WSM

Do you need help with print data creation?
WSM's layout service will be happy to help you! If you already have ideas for the printing of your individual glass panes, but no time or possibility for the implementation, we will take care of it. Approach us with your ideas and let our layout service do the work for you. We will implement your ideas according to your wishes and guarantee a trouble-free printing process.

  • We design your ideas
  • Fast implementation and processing
  • You do not need expensive software
  • No familiarization with software necessary
  • Strict compliance with all printing specifications