Non-smoker protection

Systems from WSM for the smoke-free workplace

"No smoking" - is that a solution?

But what do the many employees and colleagues who want to smoke do?
They are put outside the door in all weathers.
But they don't have to stand there in the rain. You can shelter under modern glass stands and pavilions. Thus, even the smoking break becomes a recreation and at the same time serves communication. For a stress-free togetherness of smokers and non-smokers.

Poor working atmosphere and "thick air

The employer can fulfill his duty to protect by means of structural, technical or organizational measures. Possible measures include separating smokers from non-smokers, creating smoking areas, or ventilation measures. Experience shows that when non-smoking regulations are introduced prudently, smokers accept offered zones, rooms or shelters.

Smoke-free in the workplace!

The amended Workplace Ordinance (§3) requires employers to take measures to protect non-smoking employees at work. WSM room and Shelter systems provide the ideal conditions for creating new rooms or weather protection for any season in the shortest possible time.

§ Excerpt workplace ordinance
Ordinance on Workplaces (Arbeitsstättenverordnung - ArbStättV)

§ 5 Protection of non-smokers
(1) The employer shall take the necessary measures to ensure that non-smoking employees in workplaces are effectively protected from the health hazards of tobacco smoke. Where necessary, the employer shall issue a general ban on smoking or a ban limited to individual areas of the workplace.

(2) In workplaces open to the public, the employer shall, when setting up and operating workrooms, take technical or organizational measures in accordance with Paragraph 1 that are appropriate to the nature of the business and adapted to the type of employment in order to protect non-smoking employees.

Smoker roofs from WSM

Non-smoker protection has arrived in the industry. Smoking enclosures from WSM protect smokers and non-smokers alike and ensure clear conditions.

More protection

Smoking canopies and smoking shelters increase the acceptance of company or official smoking bans. This creates safety and protects the non-smokers. At the same time, smokers are not left out in the cold.

More individuality

Quite practical: All canopies can be designed in your company's corporate design. Model, design, size, color, material, glass printing and lighting are free to choose.

More quality

High-quality materials and first-class manufacturing quality are indispensable in outdoor use - and a matter of course for WSM smoker roofs. We go one better with our practical type statics for individual models.

Clean air at the workplace

Our Shelter systems provide clean air in the workplace.
Smoking rooms, smoking shelters, communication and break rooms - perfect solutions for customized non-smoker protection in the workplace.



Hot-dip galvanized flat roof steel construction with weatherproof trapezoidal sheet metal roof in variable sizes, selectable side walls and pre-tested type statics.



Corrosion-protected, color-coated, hexagonal/octagonal round-tube steel frame construction with pointed roof made of glass or galvanized sheet steel. Circular parapet with rain drainage.



Hot-dip galvanized flat roof steel structure with 2.25 or 4.67 sqm footprint and back and side walls made of high quality corrugated PVC. For self-assembly and for dowelling.

Standard with transport advantages

Various options for installation: transport by overhead crane, forklift, lift truck or transport rollers.

The big advantage over conventional systems: you can move the room or shelter in one piece (or in units) in just a few minutes and adapt it to the requirements on site! The entire structure is welded in one piece or in units and can be transported by lift truck, crane or forklift.

On-site assembly: The supporting corner and intermediate posts are equipped with foot plates. By means of dowels and screws, the stable fastening of the fully assembled system takes place within just a few minutes.

Perfectly thought out - from planning to delivery

We implement your ideas and concepts for your requirements and deliver exactly to the point:

  • Professional CAD designs
  • Complete assembly by our qualified employees
  • Quality proven in practice thousands of times
  • Secure fastening due to coordinated foundations
  • Cost-effective transport and simple assembly

Shelter systems

From a fair and detailed offer to punctual and accurate unloading - we take care of it!