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Just in time for the anniversary year, the third generation change in the company's management is on the horizon. The young successors have gained important experience during their studies, at WSM and also in other companies. What challenges await them and what future will they and perhaps their children lead the tradition-conscious family business into?

WSM is intensively engaged with the major megatrends of the future and develops corresponding solutions. Whether it's environmentally friendly mobility, globalization, digitalization or demographic change: WSM is not waiting around, but is already working on answers today so that we can be among the pioneers tomorrow - just as we have been for the past 60 years.

Innovations, new technologies
and sustainability are what drive us.

- Werner Schenk

WSM takes responsibility


Help together

With permanent projects

Continuity, quality, innovation and responsibility are the values of WSM that run like a thread through the entire history of the company. And it is precisely these values that also form the basis for WSM's social commitment.

In the anniversary year, the "Helping Together" initiative is therefore being launched. WSM will support national and international aid projects in this framework and accompany them in the long term. Suppliers, customers and employees can also get actively involved via the "Helping Together" platform.

"As a family business, we think in long-term dimensions, but can react very quickly thanks to our short decision-making paths. These are precisely the strengths that many aid projects around the world need: a partner with staying power who is flexible and quickly on hand when it counts," explains Elisabeth Schenk.

New projects in the anniversary year include, for example, the construction and operation of a well in northern Uganda, in Terego County, together with the organization RICE (Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment West Nile). "The women of Maraju village have to carry water for kilometers until now. This will change in the future.
This not only improves the lives of the people there, it also gives them more time to take care of important things like raising children or education, and allows them to fundamentally expand their local agriculture," says Elisabeth Schenk.

With joy into the future

Canopies and bicycle parking systems

From the chicken coop in Morsbach to international customers and aid projects all over the world: WSM has come a long way in 60 years and continues its successful path responsibly.

We are looking forward to the future,

declare the members
of the owner family in unison.

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WSM is ready

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