BigSign: Advertise where your customer arrives

In the dynamic world of advertising technology, there are products that stand out not only for their innovation, but also for their proven reliability and efficiency. One of these products is our BigSign advertising pylon, which has already proven its strength and durability in numerous applications and is now available for all.

The technology behind the BigSign

Outdoor advertising thrives on visibility. The BigSign uses the latest LED technology here. LEDs are not only energy-saving, but also durable. Thanks to their brightness, your advertising messages are clearly visible even at dusk or in unfavorable weather conditions.

Another highlight are the interchangeable advertising spaces. They offer companies the flexibility to customize their messages depending on the season or promotion without having to replace the entire unit.

The Secure variant: security meets functionality

The challenge with many advertising pylons is often the combination of size and visibility. With its two feet, our Secure variant not only offers stability, but also ensures that important sight lines, e.g. at entrances and exits, are not blocked. This minimizes potential hazards and provides a safe environment.

Durability and design: a balance

The BigSign Pylon is not only visually appealing, but also built to last. The choice of materials combined with precise structural calculations ensures that it can withstand various weather conditions. In addition, pylons like the BigSign are often the first point of contact for customers or visitors – so their presentation is just as important as their functionality.

Target groups of the BigSign

The versatility of the BigSign is also reflected in its areas of application. It is ideal for retail stores that want to highlight their offer, but also for train stations or airports to show visitors the way. Hotels can emphasize their presence and hospitals can convey important information.

Now available at WSM

The BigSign advertising pylon is a combination of state-of-the-art technology, thoughtful design and high functionality. At a time when the right outdoor advertising can be critical, the BigSign offers a future-proof and effective solution. Detailed information and technical data can be found on our product page. For further questions or a detailed consultation we are at your disposal.