Product development

Dec 6 2021

Product development

VeloHUB wins German Design Award

The VeloHUB initiative, created by the strategic design agency DesignIt, is the winner of a German Design Award 2022! With the “Special Mention” award in the category “Excellent Architecture / Urban Space and Infrastructure”, the international jury honored the concept to further develop public parking spaces into multidimensional mobility hubs.

Aug 18 2021

Product development

WSM presents the VeloHUB initiative

In our car-oriented city centers, urban and traffic planners have to look for new solutions on every available square meter of space. In this context, it is important to promote environmentally friendly mobility for cyclists and pedestrians as well. To contribute to this, WSM is a partner in the VeloHUB initiative

Sep 30 2020

Product development

Welcoming visitors in a safe and friendly way

As a rule, one cannot and does not want to avoid contact with people who do not belong to one’s own company: Even in “Corona times”, employees of parcel service providers and freight forwarders as well as other guests are welcome.

May 10 2020

Product development

Encounter with heart

Grandparents, mothers and fathers. Those of them who need support are particularly affected by the Corona crisis – and not just in terms of their health. For weeks they have been suffering from having to live in isolation. Now, the ban on visits is being relaxed in nursing and retirement facilities, which brings new challenges.

Apr 21 2020

Product development

Despite distance, close to the customer

There is also a time after the shutdown in Germany. Selected stores are already allowed to open their doors to customers. In the process, store owners must implement special hygiene measures.

Nov 28 2018

Product development

Bikebox 1 in a new look

Due to numerous feedback from the market, WSM has optimized the color scheme of the bicycle garage “Bikebox 1”.

Nov 8 2018

Product development

New standard color for our room systems

WSM is responding to customer requirements by adapting the color of our standard “W” series room systems.

Oct 10 2018

Product development

Additional stand for our roofing Bamberg

Our bicycle canopy “Bamberg” gets in the long version (4030 mm) an additional support foot. This optimization gives the overall design additional stability and facilitates assembly.
Visualization of a bus shelter with photovoltaic panel

Aug 15 2018

Product development

The completely independent bus stop “Cologne

As romantic as autumn is, it presents many challenges to outdoor products. It gets dark earlier, it rains and it storms. To ensure that our products are up to these challenges, we are constantly thinking about and developing them further.