Despite distance, close to the customer

There is also a time after the shutdown in Germany. Selected stores are already allowed to open their doors to customers. In the process, store owners must implement special hygiene measures.

In addition to the spacing rule explained by notices and floor markings, protective walls at counters and cash registers are a good prevention against infectious diseases such as coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The “Trade and Merchandise Logistics” professional association published examples from the trade for the trade as a best-practice solution. Illustrated are checkout areas and counters screened by special barriers.

DeskProtect Frame

To protect cashier workstations, we developed solutions that can be deployed quickly and individually. Transparent partitions made of acrylic or toughened safety glass can be used to effectively prevent the airflow from hitting checkout personnel at head height when customers cough or approach them directly.

DeskProtect Design

A spit shield stands on a cash register counter

The Deskprotect Design spit shield can be installed on cash register counters and protects against droplet infection.

In order to avoid additional hazards during partitioning, the robust construction of the frames and extra adhesive strips provide sufficient stability of the partition. A generously sized pass-through allows for the transfer of change or cash receipts.

When paying in cash, the following applies: so that the money does not have to be handed over directly by the customer to the staff, a small tray or a fixed tray should be used for handing over.

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