E-Book: Germany on the Saddle

Our free e-book for you: “Germany on the Saddle – Facts and Developments in Cycling“.

As one of the first manufacturers of Bicycle parking systems in Germany, we at WSM – Walter Solbach Metallbau GmbH are intensively involved in the development of bicycle mobility and the needs of cyclists. We are not only interested in the current market development: We also want to know how the people who sit on the saddle in Germany use their bicycles and what improvements to the infrastructure they would like to see.

We gain insight and valuable information through interaction with our customers, which include transit agencies, municipalities, private citizens, and businesses, as well as through our collaboration with organizations such as the ADFC and AGFS that promote and support bicycle use. In our e-book we would like to share them with everyone who is enthusiastic about the bicycle as an environmentally friendly, safe and healthy means of transport.