May 3 2021


Choosing the right bicycle for you

These days, when you want to buy a new bike you are faced with a seemingly huge selection. There are many kinds of road and city bike, as well as off-roading models. There are also numerous types of specialist bicycles for use in everyday life, sport and leisure. We’ve created an easy-to-follow breakdown of which …

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Mar 23 2021


Bicycle theft in Germany

Bicycles have been experiencing a real boom in Germany for some years now. Increasingly entrenched environmental awareness, congested roads, parking problems and better bicycle models (especially with electric motors) have massively increased the popularity of the good old iron horse in the recent past.

Mar 18 2021


Search for funding online with the funding primer: cycling subvention in Germany

The share of road users on two wheels is growing in cities and rural areas. The growing share of bicycle traffic in the total traffic volume is desirable and worthy of support due to its positive aspects for the environment and climate. Cities benefit from better air quality and a better quality of life.

Mar 17 2021


Sales figures for bicycles in Germany in 2020

The German bicycle industry experienced a real boom in 2020. The sales figures for bicycles in Germany had already been rising steadily in the years before. However, the Corona pandemic again brought a whole new impetus to the industry.

Mar 12 2021


RAL: Transparency (not only) for colours

Idioms often aren’t particularly accurate: if someone does something “once in a blue moon” and another person is supposed to be “green behind the ears”, then it is up to the individual to decide which colours are meant.

Feb 19 2021


Space requirement of a shelter

Especially in the cold and wet seasons, the question arises whether existing shelters for passengers, customers and employees offer sufficient space or whether investments should be made in new stops or shelters. To be able to determine the need, we propose a basis for calculation.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Dettmar from the Technical University of Darmstadt

Mar 24 2020


How our cities can become green again

Since 2001, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Dettmar has been Head of the Department of Design and Open Space Planning at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University (TU) Darmstadt.
Grafik zum AGFS-Kongress 2020

Feb 28 2020


AGFS Congress 2020: Parking as the main issue

Once again, the AGFS (Arbeitsgemeinschaft fußgänger- und fahrrad-freundlicher Städte, Gemeinden und Kreise in NRW) was delighted with a record number of participants: over 700 participants accepted its invitation to the congress in Essen on 27 February.
Close-up of a bus with stickers on the subject of accessibility

Aug 28 2019


Barrier-free travel

Day after day, millions of people use public transport (ÖPNV). People with reduced mobility also depend on buses and trains.
The stage of the AGFS Congress 2019

Feb 25 2019


2019 AGFS Congress with new attendance record

Traffic safety was the topic at this year’s Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle-Friendly Cities, Municipalities and Counties in North Rhine-Westphalia e. V. (AGFS) Congress which took place on February 21 at the Essen Exhibition Centre parallel to the public “Bicycle” exhibition.

Nov 21 2018


E-Book: Deutschland auf dem Sattel

Our free e-book for you: “Deutschland auf dem Sattel – Fakten und Entwicklungen im Radverkehr“.