InLight+ with VersoVolt: a sustainable combination

Today, more and more cities, communities and companies are turning to sustainable and efficient solutions to meet growing ecological and economic demands. For these institutions investing in modern roofing concepts, we offer a new accessory solution: the combination of the proven InLight+ lighting system and the new VersoVolt photovoltaic system. This duo meets not only the highest demands for energy efficiency, but also for functionality.

By using the combined system, the roofing can be operated completely self-sufficiently. This means a considerable relief, as external power lines can be dispensed with. The otherwise usual expenditure for earthworks and installations is omitted. This is not only for reasons of economy, but also to minimize the environmental impact and associated inconvenience.

Efficiency and functionality in harmony

The VersoVolt photovoltaic system was specially developed for our “Köln” model series. Discreetly integrated into the upper roof structure, it is not visible from the road, thus minimizing potential safety risks. During the day it collects solar energy for the evening.

VersoVolt photovoltaic system

VersoVolt photovoltaic system

The InLight+ lighting system integrated into the trapezoidal sheet metal not only provides effective lighting, but also intelligent energy management. Thanks to the integrated motion detector, the system automatically adjusts the brightness to the respective situation in order to make optimum use of the stored energy from the internal battery.

InLight+ lighting system

InLight+ lighting system

Protection from external influences

Vandalism and theft are real threats that must be addressed. The InLight+ system, cleverly integrated into the roof structure, ensures that the technology is protected from external influences. This guarantees not only the longevity of the product, but also the safety of your investment.

The retrofittability of the system for existing roofing systems of the “Köln” model series is a future-proof option for anyone who wants to continuously modernize their infrastructure.

Detailed information and technical data can be found on our product page. Invest in the future of your canopies and bus shelters with InLight+ and VersoVolt.