Glass screen printing at WSM

For the very special character

Give the glass walls of your roofing a distinctive look. Using a special ceramic screen printing process, the glass surface is printed directly and mounted into the roofing. Burning in the ink makes the print surface particularly resistant to abrasion and scratching, as well as to weathering and solvents.


Advantages & Benefits of Glass Screen Printing

Privacy screen

Glass screen printing provides excellent privacy protection to the Indoor of a canopy. By adjusting the opacity as well as the selection of the decor, the printed glass panes still allow sufficient daylight to pass through despite the privacy screen.

Protection from UV and thermal radiation

Large glazed surfaces often heat up unintentionally during high solar radiation. The glass screen printing allows less heat radiation to penetrate due to the manufacturing process and thus regulates the indoor climate from excessive temperatures.

Printing as information or decorative elements

Individual information or decorative elements make it possible to identify the function of the canopy or its affiliation from a distance. Whether as a smoking shelter, with your own company logo or the city coat of arms.

Protection from collisions with the glass for people and animals

Clear, clean panes of glass often do not provide the distracted pedestrian or bird with the necessary contrast to their surroundings. By printing on the disc, it can be more quickly identified as an obstacle, here are often enough small elements to achieve great effect. Very special protection for birds offers our bird protection glass.


Our large motif selection

  • More than 30 decors in standard
  • Fast production and delivery times
  • Also as templates for individual design
  • For all roofing with glass walls
  • NEW: Bird protection glass without surcharge to the standard pattern
  • For standard dimensions 1000 x 2000 mm as well as 1360 x 2000 mm

Design 101

Design 105

Design 107

Design 121

Design 125

Design 129

Design 135

Design 137

Design 139

Design 141

Design 143

Design 145

Design 153

"Smoking allowed"

Design 159

Connected with nature

Nature conservation is important to us, so we offer the special bird protection screen printing at no extra charge.

Bird friendly glass screen printing

Bird-friendly glass screen printing with high effectiveness against bird approach.

  • Unique design of the glass panels
  • Own logo, texts, graphics and colors
  • Design in your corporate design

You want to make your roofing a unique one-of-a-kind? Then freely design the glass walls according to your ideas. Whether company logo, city coat of arms or a very special pattern: Learn more on our topic page which possibilities WSM offers you!

Do you have questions about glass screen printing?

We will be happy to assist you with your planning.