The completely independent bus stop “Köln

As romantic as autumn is, it presents many challenges for outdoor products. It gets dark earlier, it rains and it storms. To ensure that our products are up to these challenges, we give thought to them and continue to develop them. That’s why this year we are applying for the Innovation Medal at GaLaBau 2018 with a special model of our “Köln” bus stop including InLight lighting.

Our model “Köln” is a versatile and flexible solution for weather protection. Variable in size and configuration, the roofing offers maximum adaptability to a wide variety of uses. Thanks to certified type testing, it can be set up without additional static testing and can be customized in a variety of ways thanks to a rich portfolio of colors and glass printing.

In this special configuration for GaLaBau 2018, the side walls of the bus stop are covered with a reflective foil sticker, making it highly visible to motorists even in the dark. The system also meets criteria for being classified as barrier-free.

The highlight: our InLight lighting

InLight lighting is an LED light developed by WSM in cooperation with WSH GmbH and the Cologne University of Technology. It gets its name from the fact that it is completely embedded in the trapezoidal roof structure of the Köln model. As a result, it blends seamlessly into the overall design and is also completely secure against vandalism. InLight lighting makes this canopy even more versatile. It also defies the darkness on increasingly shorter autumnal days. Sophisticated design illuminates the entire area with just one luminaire, reducing initial cost.

In addition, the luminaire is controlled by a presence detector. This means that it is only turned on when someone is standing under the canopy. This reduces power consumption and maximizes the life of the luminaire. As a special highlight, the canopy is also equipped with a solar panel that supplies the InLight luminaire with energy. This makes the lighting environmentally friendly and independent of the power grid. This not only saves electricity costs, but also the time-consuming laying of power cables.

Overall, this innovative product from WSM makes the work of gardeners and landscapers easier, provides a solution to make even remote bus stops safe, and is even good for the environment.