Cycling promotion in Germany

You can find government grants for bicycle parking facilities in our database of bicycle-related grant programs.

First things first: The "Fahrradportal" is the largest German-language information platform on cycling. It is aimed at all stakeholders in cycling promotion to promote the implementation of cycling-friendly policies through knowledge sharing and information. On this page you will find all federal and state funding and financing opportunities for bicycle transportation.


How does project funding work?

As a rule, project executing agencies are commissioned to implement the programs technically and administratively in accordance with the applicable guidelines. You will be advised and accompanied by employees of these project sponsors. They receive advice there from the very beginning, even before the application and afterwards during the implementation of the funded projects until their completion. We explain the individual steps.

The federal government supports research and innovation projects with its funding programs. These funding programs are generally designed to run for several years. They are designed to meet specific goals that the funding is intended to achieve. It also sets out the priorities and the actions to be taken.

An important prerequisite for funding is that the objectives of the project applied for are in line with the objectives of the funding program.

The federal government generally supports projects through grants. As a rule, these are collaborative projects. In exceptional cases, individual projects can also be subsidized.

There is no legal entitlement to funding. Funds will be allocated solely within the limits of available budgetary resources.

What funding agencies are available?

In addition to federal funding, the German states and the European Union also support the activities of cities and municipalities, schools and universities, and companies with a variety of funding programs.

Federal Funding

Federal programs also include businesses in the promotion of sustainable mobility.

State funding

Taking local goals into account, individual states also promote cycling.

EU funding

In support of its goals and objectives, the European Union provides funding through many programs and actions.

Where can I find the funding catalogs and portals?

The Federal Funding Catalog is a publicly available database of more than 110,000 completed and ongoing project funding projects. The database offers the possibility of research as well as selected statistics.

easy - Online: The Internet portal for outlines, applications and offers The electronic online application system is an accessible Internet portal for filling out and printing out application forms for federal funding.

BMBF Forms Cabinet: The BMBF makes its forms, guidelines, leaflets, notes and ancillary provisions relevant to project funding available for download in the Forms Cabinet.

Funding database: The federal funding database provides an up-to-date overview of federal, state and EU funding programs for the commercial sector.

What funding terms do I need to know?

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