Healthy and safe workplace

Work concentrated in peace

The healthy workplace: optimal sound insulation.

With special wall and floor insulation, suspended ceilings with acoustic panels, carpeting and insulating glazing, WSM room systems create outstanding sound insulation - even in the noisiest industrial environments.

As a result, they provide the ideal space to work in a concentrated manner at full capacity and to communicate with co-workers without interference. According to the Workplace Ordinance, the sound pressure level must be kept as low as possible, as high noise also has a negative impact on health. Depending on the activity, a maximum level of 55 or 70 dB(A) is recommended. These are limits that you can safely and efficiently undercut with WSM's soundproofing devices.

Another important aspect of sound insulation is the reverberation time of the premises. Depending on the room volume, a reverberation time of 0.5 to 0.8 seconds should be observed. The reverberation time has a significant influence on speech intelligibility and thus on communication. Here, too, you get the right acoustic solution with your WSM room system.

Acoustic mineral ceiling

Acoustic mineral ceiling
Optimum speech intelligibility thanks to maximum absorption power. Fleece laminated surface for a sleek and elegant appearance.

Window insulation

Window insulation
26 mm insulating glazing in rubber profile for more energy saving and vibration compensation.

Wall and floor insulation

Wall and floor insulation
Natural mineral wool, non-combustible and high thermal insulation for effective room insulation.

Your key benefits:

  • Combinable sound insulation solutions compliant with
  • Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance
  • Optimal for health, concentration and communication
  • Integrated into the WSM room system
  • Ideal room acoustics for conversations, phone calls, etc.

Fresh air creates clear heads

The healthy workplace: ideal indoor climate.

Three factors are crucial for a pleasant working atmosphere: temperature, humidity and air exchange. A WSM room system creates the best conditions here - from pollutant- and emission-absorbing wall structures to efficient temperature controls and air purification equipment. By way of background, the air temperature in workrooms should be between 20 and 22 °C and should not exceed 26 °C during temperature peaks.

Additional, effective measures must be taken above 30 °C. Above an air temperature of 35 °C, the room is no longer suitable as a work room. The humidity should be at least 40%. Air that is too humid is uncomfortable and air that is too dry can cause static.

Especially important for vitality is the supply of fresh air or air purification. It should be generated by hourly manual ventilation or automatically without uncomfortable drafts. With a WSM room system, you ensure the best air quality, optimum room temperature and a fatigue-free working environment.

Room covering air purification

Room covering air purification
Intelligent filtration of 99.95% for particles down to 0.1 micron. Detects and seals gases in real time, control and monitoring via app.

Coated gypsum fiberboard

Coated gypsum fiberboard
In a natural process, pollutants and emissions from the room air are absorbed by the wall and permanently bound.

Your key benefits:

  • Clean fresh air free from pollutants
  • Ideal room temperature
  • Increased concentration and performance
  • Automatic air conditioning or manual ventilation possible

Light invigorates and motivates

The healthy workplace: intelligent lighting management.

With a WSM room system, you ensure the right lighting at all times. Numerous studies show how important lighting is for mental and physical performance in the workplace.

For artificial lighting, a minimum illuminance is required by law, for example 500 lx for office workplaces. Illuminance should be increased when accuracy is important in the work. In addition, the illumination must be uniform. The color temperature of the light also has an impact on well-being. Daylight white light with a color temperature of 6000 Kelvin is optimal for workplace lighting. With this light, concentration is promoted and the color rendering is optimal.

WSM room systems can be optimally adapted to your legal and individual requirements. With special LED lighting with light temperature control, brightness control, light sensor, motion sensor for energy efficiency and switching glass that protects from sunlight or creates privacy at the touch of a button or sensor.

Light control via app

Light control via app
The uncomplicated lighting control for complex lighting scenes. Control of up to 127 luminaires, additionally via smartphone and internet if desired.

Sun protection and discretion

Sun protection and discretion
Opaque frosted glass that reduces sunlight at the touch of a button. Protects against UV radiation, expandable with sun UV sensors.

Your key benefits:

  • Optimal illuminance and color temperature according to legal standards
  • Adaptable to individual requirements or activities
  • Energy-efficient technologies such as LEDs and sensors
  • Smart controls via smartphone
  • Large glass surfaces with optional equipment such as frosted glass, UV protection, etc.

Noticeably relieves body and mind

The healthy workplace: modern ergonomics.

One of the most common causes of sick leave is long-term damage caused by poor posture. That is why the ergonomic design of the workplace is elementary. For WSM Raumsysteme, the furnishings are planned by an interior designer according to the latest ergonomic findings.

This already starts with the floor space for the workstation: it must not be less than 8 sqm and for each additional workstation 6 sqm must be added. The office chair must be individually adjustable, allow for changing sitting postures and support the body in all sitting positions. A permanently inclinable backrest enables dynamic sitting. Height-adjustable desks make it possible to adjust the workstation to the employee's height. This enables a healthy posture. In addition, certain guidelines for VDU workstations must be adhered to - such as viewing angles, separate keyboard, hand support, etc.

We plan these and many more requirements for you with our WSM room systems - ergonomically and at the same time with optimal space utilization.

Ergonomic office chair

Ergonomic office chair
Patented 3D mesh backrest and 3D seat mechanism for mobile sitting. Comfort knee roll for relief of the thighs. Stepless seat height adjustment.

Height adjustable desk

Height adjustable desk
Stepless electric height adjustment from 645 to 1,305 mm for working while standing. 25 mm worktop, loadable up to 100 kg. Extension possible without any problems.

Your key benefits:

  • Ergonomic planning by interior designers
  • Motivating, modern workplaces
  • Prevention of incorrect posture
  • Ideal workstation layout and space utilization

Mobile room systems

Turnkey and individually planned.
Delivery and assembly by our qualified personnel.