WSM presents the VeloHUB initiative

In our car-oriented city centers, urban and traffic planners have to look for new solutions on every available square meter of space. In this context, it is important to promote environmentally friendly mobility for cyclists and pedestrians as well. To contribute to this, WSM is a partner in the VeloHUB initiative, which was launched by the global Danish innovation consultancy and design company Designit. This initiative is designed to make bicycle parking more attractive and allow it to be enhanced with a variety of features. Particularly in inner cities, repurposed car parking spaces should become versatile living spaces that are also aesthetically pleasing.

The modular concept VeloHUB offers bicycles a safe, covered and comfortable parking space. The basic module requires only ten square meters of floor space and can be expanded in many ways. Roof areas can be used for social meeting spaces, for example. Depending on the chosen design and the module used, recreational areas, areas for urban gardening or for micro-retail are created at the same time. Cyclists will find charging stations for e-bikes and pedelecs in the VeloHUB and can repair their companions on the spot with a repair kit.

All VeloHUB modules are designed in a modern, Scandinavian design. The German Design Council honored the concept with an “ABC Award” in 2021. VeloHUB is currently nominated for the German Sustainability Award.

The prototype of the VeloHUB, which will be presented at the IAA Mobility in Munich.

The beautiful sides of the traffic turnaround

The initiative offers interested companies, municipalities and communities a free basic construction plan for the parking modules. The open-source approach is intended to make the VeloHUBs popular and thus advance the traffic turnaround in cities. The philosophy behind it: Communities, i.e. citizens at the locations, can persuade the administration to convert vehicle parking spaces and at the same time adapt the new VeloHUBs to locally existing needs.

A first prototype of the VeloHUB will be presented to the public from September 7 to 12 as part of this year’s IAA Mobility in Munich and will then make guest appearances at various locations in Munich on a roadshow. WSM is responsible for the production of the prototype and has brought to the project the cumulative experience of over 60 years of metal system construction.

One of the highlights of the prototype is the newly developed lean-to parker for bicycles and cargo bikes, in which the IoTect lock from ABUS is integrated. This makes it possible to conveniently lock and secure bikes via app. The necessary power is supplied by a solar module inserted into the cap of the Bicycle parking systems, which also feeds the lighting that provides accents.

In addition, the VeloHUB as presented has a charging cabinet from the company Kemmlit, in which e-bike batteries can be charged, as well as a repair column from the company Lo Minck.

The curious can already get an idea of the innovative and versatile parking solution on the initiative’s website with an augmented reality application.