Bike and Business: a business that only knows winners

Daily cycling keeps you healthy and protects the environment. That’s why more and more companies are encouraging their employees to switch from cars or buses and trains to bicycles. A bicycle-friendly infrastructure supports such projects, as the example of the Kreditanstalt für den Wiederaufbau (KFW) shows. Since 2006, KfW has been involved in the “Bike and Business” project, which aims to increase bicycle mobility in Hesse. Since then, an exemplary infrastructure with secure and covered parking facilities, changing rooms, showers and short distances between parking spaces and entrances has been created and continuously expanded. Today, well over 15 percent of KfW’s approximately 2,900 employees in Frankfurt already come to work by bike.

The fact that bicycle-friendly infrastructures can get employees on the saddle has already been recognized by many mostly larger companies, including KfW, Thomas Cook, DHL, Google Germany and many others. The hurdles are getting lower and lower since manufacturers are offering complete turnkey solutions. Together with their customers, they determine the number of parking spaces, plan the routes and required areas on a company site. Ingenious Bicycle parking systems that allow parking on two levels help save space and can be easily expanded as needed. The range also includes canopies to protect against wind and rain, charging stations for e-bikes and pedelecs and, of course, changing rooms with lockable lockers and shower rooms.

The basis of such a bike and business solution is formed by modular space systems that are delivered ready to use, can be set up in no time, and can easily change their location as needed. Apart from the connections for water, wastewater and electricity, the company no longer needs to worry about anything. Canopies for Bicycle parking systems are even available with pre-tested type statics. Leasing offers and tax concessions for employee bicycles, which are modeled on the “1% rule” from the so-called company car privilleg, make the switch attractive for employers and employees alike.

People who cycle more often are less sick – it has been scientifically proven that employees who cycle to and from work every day are absent far less often due to illness and are also physically and mentally fitter. Good reasons for any company to seriously consider promoting bicycle mobility for its employees.

The icing on the cake is the prospect of being publicly recognized as a “bicycle-friendly company” by organizations such as the German Bicycle Club (ADFC). A clear plus for environmentally conscious companies that want to retain or attract fit and motivated employees. Bike and Business thus becomes a business that only knows winners: employers, employees and, last but not least, our environment.