Demarcation by partition walls required

Partition walls structure spaces, provide protection against noise, dust and unauthorized access, and thus allow the optimization of the processes that are to take place within them. Variable partition systems are available in many designs and for every purpose.

Partition wall systems as protection for your employees

Where man and man or man and machine have to work simultaneously, there is always a need for demarcation. Be it to be able to work concentrated and as undisturbed as possible, or to keep emissions away from employees, which may also be necessary due to occupational health and safety regulations. Thus, the annex of the Workplace Ordinance states under item 3.7 that “the sound pressure level in workplaces must be kept as low as possible according to the type of operation”, the level must be reduced “depending on the use and the activities to be performed to such an extent that no impairment of the health of the employees occurs”.

Protection from noise

Noise impairs the ability to concentrate and thus the productivity of those affected, while at the same time increasing the risk of accidents and illness. Hearing protection or also sound barriers by means of suitable partition walls and the use of sound insulation elements on ceilings or walls offer a remedy. How high the actual noise exposure is at a workplace can only be determined by measuring the sound pressure levels reached. These are divided into daily noise exposure levels and peak sound pressure levels.