Receiving visitors safely and in a friendly manner

As a rule, one cannot and does not want to avoid contact with people who do not belong to one’s own company: Even in “Corona times”, employees of parcel service providers and freight forwarders as well as other guests are welcome. How good that there are reception buildings and gatehouses! They enable access controls including logging of who went where and when on the company premises – so infections can be traced if necessary.

Receptionists can be protected by sliding windows and use their own sink to maintain hygiene standards. High-quality and executed in accordance with the company’s design guidelines, you can always welcome your guests in a safe and friendly manner – come what may.

Worthwhile investment

Reception buildings and gatehouses fulfill several important functions: Here, incoming and outgoing goods are checked, visitors of all kinds are received and immediately forwarded to the right contacts on the premises or in the buildings. Visitor passes are issued and collected, visit logs are created, residency times are recorded, safety briefings are given, and much more. Outside of opening or operating hours, the “outpost” serves as a staging area for security personnel overseeing the site.
At the same time, these buildings have a representative function as a company’s “business card”, giving visitors a first impression of who they are dealing with. Anyone who is permanently content with provisional solutions will certainly not cut a good figure. High-quality finishes and color schemes allow reception buildings and gatehouses to be presented in accordance with the company’s design guidelines, creating a particularly coherent impression. So all in all, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Cross section of a gatehouse

Cross section of the gatehouse

Variety and flexibility ex works

Outdoor structures such as reception buildings and gatehouses can be erected quickly and equipped flexibly. Modular room systems based on tubular steel structures are particularly well suited for this purpose. They are assembled according to the modular principle and can be adapted to any situation, as well as to existing architectural styles. Colors, windows or doors can be customized. Barriers and people distribution systems as well as bicycle parking facilities can be integrated easily and without problems.
Whether difficult installation conditions or special purpose: the flexible design ensures the suitability of these buildings for almost any outdoor application. Larger objects are divided into several transportable prefabricated elements that only need to be assembled and bolted together on site. The equipment can be made according to individual wishes and needs. And should a different installation site be required, the modules are easy to move there.