Berlin state building code

Building Regulations for Berlin (BauO Bln) of September 29, 2005, § 49

Extract from the parking regulations

§ 49 Parking spaces, parking spaces for bicycles

(2) When constructing structures that are expected to carry bicycle traffic, parking spaces for bicycles shall be provided in sufficient number and size. Paragraph 1 sentence 3 shall apply accordingly. Parking spaces shall be provided on the building site or on the public areas in front of it.

Summary: In sufficient number and size.


§ Section 49 (3) The production of parking spaces for bicycles pursuant to subsection (2) may also be fulfilled by payment of a transfer fee prior to the start of construction. The Senate Department responsible for construction shall, by ordinance, issue regulations on the amount of the relief. The relief amounts may not exceed 90 percent of the average production costs, taking into account pro rata land areas. The relief amounts are to be used exclusively for the construction of bicycle parking spaces in the area of public traffic areas or other suitable property areas.


Ordinance on the amount of the fee for bicycle parking facilities (FahrAbV) of September 17, 2008 § 1 Amount of the fee The amount of the fee pursuant to § 50 para. 3 sentence 1 of the Building Code for Berlin is set at 500 euros for projects in the area bounded by the outer limit of the S-Bahn ring between the stations Gesundbrunnen in the north, Ostkreuz in the east, Südkreuz in the south and Westkreuz in the west, and in all other cases at 250 euros per bicycle parking facility to be redeemed.

Status: 29.09.2005

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